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You may have noticed there is a an undeniable trend, that you might normally associate with your grandmother, sweeping the fashion girls of Instagram, yes I am talking about sweater vests. This trend has most definitely been popping up for multiple seasons now, however this Fall it has been inescapable. I personally have yet to partake, which is part of the reason I wanted to do this piece; so I could fully dive in, see all of the different styles, and how to incorporate this grandma-chic look into your wardrobe! We have put together some of our favorite ways to style, and a list of vests at every price point!

Oversized Everything

This particular oversized knit sweater vest from The Frankie Shop, has been spotted on so many fashion pages. I love the cable knit detailing, and oversized cozy fit. A lot of people styling this particular sweater as a dress, or over a more fitted look, but I love how below she styled it with other oversized elements. It gives this traditional looking piece a modernized edge.

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Fitted and Printed

In complete contrast to the last sweater vest, I am so into this fitted style with a bold print. The way the vest is styled, it is still clearly a piece of knitwear giving it that lux element, while being fitted with a pair of jeans allows it to feel more modern and wearable. The print also gives the vest a unique graphic element, and moves it from old lady to streetwear.

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In loooove with the fit of these jeans🧸 @shopbop #FavoriteFits

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Lean Into Nerdy

The most unique, and effortlessly cool people to me in fashion, are the people that aren't afraid to lean into a look that most would shy away from. With your inclusion of a sweater vest you may be trying to think of each and every way to not look like Carlton Banks, but I say why not go there?! Especially when the energy you give off is a total juxtaposition. I love seeing someone rock a look, that inherently is so opposing to who they are, yet somehow the contrast makes it seem even more authentic to them.

A Baby Doll Sweater Vest

The easiest way to bring something traditional into 2020, is to make it a crop top! These tiny sweater vests from eytys are so ideal to wear with a lowrise baggy jean for us 90's babies. But also they could still be mixed in with white collar shirt, to play more into the sweater vest element, while still wearing a tiny little top.

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Uniforms Aren't So Bad After All?

In my school days, there was nothing I hated more than my school uniform. I would constantly be in trouble for defying my school dress code, or be looking for any and every way to stand apart with my accessories. Now when I wake up in the morning and throw around every single thing in my closet deciding what to wear, I have to admit, I sometimes miss my uniform days. Along with this, some of the most fashionable people I know in New York City, are people who have a strict minimal uniform they follow in their day to day attire. I love how this sweater vest is styled is the simplest, and most effortless way. This person can go from the studio, to the coffee house, to the train, looking so major without even trying.

Colorful and Childlike
One of the main pillars of any trend, and truthfully fashion in general is a love for nostalgia. So why not add all the color in, and live your best 90's fantasy. We all look back on old photos from our youthful days, and wish we could still wear our favorite Limited Too sweaters, so why not just do it! It is an instant serotonin boost, and really we all sometimes need to let out our inner child!
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All the colors 🌈 @kinaandtam

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