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Our Story

Elisa Johnson is an independently owned eyewear brand designed by the brand’s namesake, based in Los Angeles, California. 


Our Beginnings 

From a young age Elisa was drawn to eyewear as a way to elevate a look and highlight her individuality, and had over the years accrued an extensive collection of unique designer frames. This affinity for having the best frames was often highlighted to her by those who followed her style. 

The early seedlings of the Elisa Johnson brand as Elisa studied fashion in New York City. She chose internships under eyewear manufacturers and designers where she was able to learn the process and the nuances of the industry. With this insight, she noticed a lack of options in the market for eyewear, as well as very few Black owned brands. It was from there she set out to create her own line that matches both the premium craftsmanship and elevated designs of luxury brands, at a far more accessible price point.

After years of perfecting her designs, and fine-tuning the product to her liking - the Elisa Johnson brand launched in May of 2021.


Our Identity 

Elisa Johnson prioritizes the design, materials and craftsmanship elements of “luxury” eyewear, while leaving behind the exclusivity of the prices. We aim to create products for our customers that are exceptional in both quality and design. Elisa Johnson frames reflect a merging of different perspectives - classic and current, luxury and street. 


A Note From Our Founder.

“This brand is in so many ways a love letter to my loved ones, and everyone who has supported, and believed in me. In carrying this forward it is my hope that with each pair of eyewear sold, the person wearing them feels empowered and confident in themselves.”

— Elisa Johnson, Founder and CEO



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