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Article: Navigating Election Anxiety

Navigating Election Anxiety

Navigating Election Anxiety

We are currently experiencing the most important, and impact election of our lifetime. The fear and anxiety that weighs upon this election is inescapable, and everyone is feeling its toll. It is absolutely essential for you to prioritize your mental health, and preserve your own sanity. We have put together our suggestions for the steps to take in order to allow you to best navigate this election. 

Spend The Day However You Please:

The Election is going to happen whether you consume updates or not. Do what is best for you. For some people that might be being engaged in a play-by-play as the election results unfold because it helps them relax and feel a sense of control. For others planning an alternative activity that is fun and engaging to distract them might be best. There is no right or wrong way.

Set Social Media Boundaries:

When you’re already anxious social media can easily trigger more panic. Try your best to monitor what is enhacing your anxiousness.

Whether this means...

1. Setting time limits for how much time you can spend per hour
2. Going to the pages of accounts or friends whose opinions you respect and limit yourself to checking through those accounts only.
3. Avoid aimless scrolling, open your social media with intetion and specific info you’re looking to gain.

Have A Support System:

Having people to lean on is essential. Obviously, that’s a little more complicated amid the pandemic, when our safety restricts our ability to see people IRL.

Which brings us to one of the biggest upsides of technology.

Schedule an election night Zoom session! Or if that is too much make sure to establish a core group of loved ones to check in with throughout the election. Having your own community to get through this with is so important.

But also set boundaries: if the people in your life are enhancing your anxiety communicate to them that you need space.

Lean Into Self Care: 

Take care of yourself, and Treat yourself!

Get a good nights sleep! Order you favorite meal! Get in a good workout! Do a face mask! Paint your nails! Have a dance party! Do whatever you need to in order to bring you joy and peace!


We are living in unprecedented times, that everyone is doing their best to navigate through. Give yourself grace, and time to process. Know that you are worthy, and you are not alone.


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