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Article: The Self Care Practices and Products, I Am Committed To In 2021

The Self Care Practices and Products, I Am Committed To In 2021

The Self Care Practices and Products, I Am Committed To In 2021

Writing It Down

In the journey towards becoming your best self, self-awareness is a necessary superpower. This journey requires self reflection, and forcing yourself to confront the tough questions, and answer them truthfully. This Self-Reflection kit made by “We're Not Really Strangers” gives you the structures to confront these inner conflicts. Sometimes we are not sure what we think, and are unable to process our truths until we write them down, and this kit allows you to lean into your stream of consciousness to find clarity.

We're Not Really Strangers  - Self-Reflection Kit



Teas and Supplements

 Since I was young my mother has been adamant that I take Vitamins and supplements, and I used to hate it. But as I've grown into my adult life, I've truly noticed the impact taking supplements that support your gut health, and immunities can truly improve your overall well being. Along with that, a highlight of my day is curling up on my couch with a hot cup of tea - and I have found there are so many incredible health benefits to many of my favorite teas. One of my favorites is the Peppermint tea from Brooklyn Tea, it contains antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, and gives the immune system a boost — a nice plus, especially in these times. I love to brew it in the morning because the smell alone wakes me right up (and can serve as an equally strong pick-me-up later in the day if I’m feeling a bit sluggish). In terms of Vitamins and Supplements, I love this Womens Multi-Vitamin by Movita. They’re formulated to address the unique health needs of women’s bodies, including breast and reproductive health, bone density, heart health, digestion, energy and metabolism, immune function, stress reduction, and more. Since I started taking one every morning, I’ve noticed a positive difference in my energy level, which is one reason I’ve stuck with the habit. Founder, Tonya Lewis Lee, created the company after working for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Another amazing supplement is Seed, a Synbiotic which is both a probiotic and prebiotic. This synbiotic helps to ensure a healthy gut, which contributes to a strong immune system, heart health, brain health, improved mood, healthy sleep, skin health and effective digestion. They offer a monthly subscription service, that provides monthly refills, plus the glass bottle is sustainable, and chic!

Brooklyn Tea - Peppermint Tea 

$5.99- $35.99

Movita Multivitamin


Seed - Daily Synbiotic



Meditation and Yoga

I am someone who is always in my own head, and constantly has my mind running at a mile a minute. It is so important for me to take some time out of my day, every day to calm myself, and find my inner peace. I love Meditation and Yoga, and have found there are so many amazing online resources, that allow you new, and enlightening virtual sessions to keep your daily session fresh. Some of my favorites are Faith Hunter’s videos on Youtube, which include spiritual yoga, and meditations. Another amazing resource is Open, a multidisciplinary meditation studio which features classes in yoga, breathwork, and meditation heavy hitters. Classes are as brief as ten minutes or as long as an hour, and you can try individual classes, or join in their subscription model. .


Faith Hunter Yoga Meditation 


Open Studio



In this unprecedented time, finding comfort and security is absolutely essential. Something I personally find so calming and comforting is a weighted blanket. Research has shown that they can promote more restful sleep and calm a restless body, especially with people like me that battle anxiety and ADHD.

Luna - Weighted Blanket




Aroma Therapy is REAL! Trust me. I am someone who always has to have candles lit throughout my apartment, to bring peace, and also they just make your day feel more luxurious. Around the Holiday and Christmas months, I adore a lux cinnamon scented candle like The Ellington candle by Harlem Candle Co. Also more recently I have been obsessed with Palo Santo, which since the Incan era, the fragrant wood has been ritualistically burned to cleanse a space of bad energy, and the oil is said to have purifying and healing properties. Brooklyn Candle Studio has an incredible one, which also features notes of cedar and mint.


Brooklyn Candle Studio - Palo Santo Candle


Harlem Candle Co. - Ellington Candle



Spiritual Activism

Spiritual activism is a practice that brings together the otherworldly and inward-focused work of spirituality and the outwardly-focused work of activism. This is a practice I’ve been focused on trying to lean into more in 2021, as I feel understanding the interconnected nature of humans, and movements towards equity allow for greater community and personal healing.  We have to understand the ways in which we are oppressed and we have to understand the ways in which we oppress others, and do the work to rectify that. So by doing the work to learn about how to create change, and understand injustices intersectionality, you’re allowing yourself to become a more enlightened and spiritually aware person. I recently pre-ordered the audio book version of Do Better: Spiritual Activism for Fighting and Healing from White Supremacy by Rachel Ricketts, who is a spiritual activist that offers mindful and practical steps for all humans to dismantle white supremacy on a personal and collective level.

Do Better: Spiritual Activism for Fighting and Healing from White Supremacy


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