Earlier this morning in my daily social media daze I stumbled upon an image of a poem that immediately gripped me titled "Seen." I had just finished hearing of the senseless murder and violence against Oluwatoyin "Toyin" Salau, and felt so helpless that this 19 year old stunning and intelligent girl had been taken from us. She deserved so much more. After doing some research I found that the poems author Simi has created an entire collection incorporating this moving poem, with 50% of proceeds being donated directly to Black womxn, queer people and trans folx in need. 

Simi is a both a musician, and writer. The sites "Seen collection" features her book "for when you decide to be honest" as well as merchandise featuring her beautiful poem "Seen." I have linked her instagram below to follow, along with her web shop here if you would like to support this incredible collection, and cause.  Thank you for your words Simi. Today and every day black girls deserve to be seen.