See in Black Project

Today on Selected we're highlighting the See In Black Project.

See In Black, is a collective of Black photographers who uplift and invest in Black visibility. Their mission is to "through the sale of highly-curated prints from Black photographers, raise funds that support five high key pillars of Black advancement: Civil Rights, Education Arts, Intersectionality, Community Building, and Criminal Justice Reform. 

The project founded by Joshua Kissi, Micaiah Carter, Dani Kwateng, Andre Wagner, Florian Koenigsberger and Anthony Coleman is a collection of images by over 80 Black photographers, that capture our brilliance, beauty and strength. These incredible prints are being used to raise money for these five organizations. Projects such as this, show how we can use our creative voices to advance our communities, not just for a moment or BLM related headline, but in a sustainable way.  Below I have provided a link to the See In Black Projects instagram and site, for more information, and to support as 100% of profits support their partners, with sales being open through Friday 7/3.

As the projects mission so brilliantly encompasses" Our intention is to replenish those we've been nourished by."

Site linked here.


See In Black

 Image by Andre L Perry