Elisa's Morning Skincare Routine

I have put together a video to highlight what has been my morning skincare routine as of late. I am someone who spent years of her life neglecting my skin, because I truthfully had it lucky, However as I have grown older I have developed dark spots, melasma, and hyper pigmentation, and now have developed a routine that addresses these issues. All of the products featured in this video are by Black Creators, which makes the routine even more special. All of these brands are featured on our Shop Melanated page for you to shop if you're interested! Also I did not include Vitamin C Serum in this routine, because I've been enjoying the Vitamin C elements from the Fenty Skin Fat Water Toner, however if you would like a separate Vitamin C I love both the Buttah Skin and also the Hyper Skin Vitamin C. 

I hope you enjoy the video, and check it out!